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Internet Law


Did You Know That If You Run A Website Of Any Kind You're Exposed To All Sorts Of Risks!

One thing I have found out is that
anyone who operates a website,or does any business on the Internet, even if as the owner of a personal "non-commercial" website with ads, banners, links or recommendations to other commercial websites or products has to comply with the rules and regulations of Internet Law.

Ignorance is no excuse so if you don't think you understand the
legal requirements I suggest you check out this site.


Apparently 99% of websites are not Internet Law  compliant and just one simple word, missing statement or innocent mistake can cost you dearly, especially with the new  FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations


There are 17 International law  enforcement agencies, which investigate online businesses so regardless of where you live, it's worth while knowing what you should do.


I'm really glad I checked it out and I think you will be too.


As a result I was able to compile my


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As a visitor to my site you should read them, and be aware if you purchase anything through the links or recommendations made on this site, there is a possibility I will make a small commission.


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