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Western union location BRAZIL OLIVEIRA

The company is one of leaders in the market of the international remittances. Cost of cable services despite a competition was very high - the small telegramme cost about 20 dollars. Together with our Agents we speak our consumers' languages and live in our consumers' neighborhoods. In 2007 the company has carried out 167 7 million operations on remittances between physical persons and 404 6 million transactions between physical and juridical persons. Cable wires have been connected in a unite line on October 24th 1861 in Salt-Lake City.

  • OLIVEIRA BANCO DO BRASIL Praca Xv De Novembro 47 Centro Oliveira Oliveira
  • OLIVEIRA BRADESCO OLIVEIRA Pca Xv De Novembro 144 Ag 1863 Oliveira 35540-000 +55-37-33312082