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Western union location BRAZIL MEDIANEIRA

Western Union safety system and the high level of service allow you to save time while sending/ receiving money. Integrity. Partnership. Opportunity. Passion. Teamwork. When telegraph has reached Salt Lake City from the east on October 17th 1861 Brigs telegraphed to president Abraham Linkoln that despite rumours the State of Utah did not leave the Union. The North American headquarters of the company settles down in Englewood Colorado and the main office of the international service of marketing and commercial services is in Montvale New Jersey. With flash of civil war operative communication with the distant West became more necessary.

  • MEDIANEIRA BANCO DO BRASIL Av. Brasilia 1271 Centro Medianeira Medianeira
  • MEDIANEIRA BRADESCO MEDIANEIRA Av Brasilia 1439 Centro Ag 1468 Medianeira 85884-000 +55-45-32642323